Jul 9, 2009

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Brooke Shields was one of many people who eulogized Michael Jackson at the Memorial service held at Staples Center on Tuesday, July 7, 2009. Shields offered a unique view into the personality of Michael Jackson as a treasured friend. Michael Jackson and Brooke Shield were often seen in each others company in the 1980's when they would attend award shows and functions together.

Brooke Shields was teary as she got on stage and spoke of the many times she and Michael Jackson had enjoyed together. They were called an odd couple, but she said it was the most easy and natural of friendships. Brooke said she met Jackson when she was just 13 year old. The two child stars shared a bond. as two children who knew hat it was like to be in the spotlight at a very young age.

Brooke Shields said they each had to grow into adults too early, but when they were together they had fun and laughed. Shields recalled moments when they were at Neverland Ranch on the night before Elizabeth Taylor's wedding. She called Michael Jackson a lover of life, who cared so deeply for his fans.

Shields also mentioned the white glove, saying that she asked Jackson, “What's up with the glove?” She said that she told Michael to hold her hand with the other hand, because the sequins on the glove hurt.

Shields read a section of the book “The Little Prince,” and said the Michael Jackson's sensitivity as more extraordinary than his talent Michael Jackson saw everything with his heart.

Brooke Shields said that Michael Jackson's favorite song as not one of his masterpieces, but a song from an old Charlie Chaplin movie called "Modern Times." The song was "Smile."

“We need to look up, where he is undoubtedly perched in a crescent moon and we need to smile.” Shields was shown being hugged members of the Jackson family as she got off stage.

Smile was the name of the song performed by Jermaine Jackson, who got on stage after Brooke Shields.

Jermaine Jackson performed the song “Smile,” a Charlie Chaplin tune. Jermaine wore one white sequined glove, as he performed his musical tribute to his brother. An image of Michael Jackson, with his arms outstretched, was in the background as Jermaine sang. Jermaine tuned toward an image of the Jackson 5. He broke down in tears at the end of the song, but continued to the end.


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